Lightweight and simple static site template for researchers in the Digital Humanities.

Use this template in GitHub, or read the deployed documentation.

Paws is a static site built on SvelteKit, using Markdown for blog content, optionally with Netlify CMS. Developer tooling to help with editing the template in VSCode is provided.

“Static site” means that the website is made up of pre-built HTML, CSS and a tiny bit of JavaScript. The web pages load the same way every time, unlike dynamic websites, which load differently based on things such as the user’s location, the time of day, or user actions. A static website can be served for free or very low cost, and provides a smooth and fast experience for users of the website. There’s no content database to make things slow, or pose security issues as in for example a Wordpress site.

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Get up and running with this site really fast! For an opinionated quickstart, you need to have

While this template is still under development, these docs assume that you:

More comprehensive beginner documentation is coming soon, and if you get stuck feel free to contact us for help or raise an issue in GitHub.

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